Proposed Taxi Tariff for South Oxfordshire

Closed 19 Feb 2024

Opened 31 Jan 2024


This survey is primarily aimed at taxi drivers and proprietors licensed by the district council. However, if you're a member of the public and would like to comment on the proposed tariff, you can do so by completing the general comments box. 

Taxi outside Abingdon shop

Our current tariff was introduced in October 2022. We are now proposing a new revised tariff using the ‘Guildford model’a nationally recognised method to calculate taxi tariffs.

In addition to changing the amounts charged for each hiring, we are proposing to start Tariff 2 from 10pm, rather than 11pm.

We would now like to know what you think of the new proposed tariff

View the new proposed tariff here:

You can view the proposed tariff document here

To find out more information about how the proposed tariff was set, please click here. 

If you do not agree with the figures used to calculate the tariff, please ensure you explain why, and provide documentary evidence to support your comments. A file upload button is available in the survey. 

This consultation runs from Wednesday 31 January until 11.59pm on Monday 19 February 2024.  

Want to discuss the proposed tariff with an officer?

If you would like to discuss the tariff with one of our licensing officers before providing your comments, please come along to our drop-in session at the District Community Centre on Tuesday 6 February between 1pm and 3pm.

Why your views matter

Once the consultation period ends, we will collate and review all the responses. The process for adopting the tariff is as follows: 

If we receive any objections to the tariff, we will need to refer the matter to Cabinet for review. This would take place in April 2024 and we could not adopt the new tariff until after that meeting has taken place.

If we do not receive any objections, the new tariff will take effect in South Oxfordshire from 20 February 2024. 

Once the new tariff comes into place, you will need to update your taxi meter with your meter company representative and have the meter checked and sealed by one of our authorised garages. We will allow a period of 1 month for this to be done. 

We will publish the tariff, along with the consultation statement and a consultation summary report on our website.


If you have any questions about the proposed tariff or require the documents in an alternative format (for example large print, Braille, audio, email, Easy Read and alternative languages), please email or call 01235 422556. 

Personal Details?

If you are responding as a driver or proprietor you are required to provide either your name, or trading name and email address to ensure we can contact you if we require any further clarification on your comments.

If you are responding as a individual/member of the public, or other you do not need to provide this information but can do so if you wish. Any personal information you provide to the council within your comments that could identify you will not be published in the consultation report. Further information on data protection is available in our privacy statement.

For those that have provided personal data, if you are happy for the councils to use your personal and equality questions data for this consultation, please click the link in the box below to provide your response.


  • Drop-in session

    From 6 Feb 2024 at 13:00 to 6 Feb 2024 at 15:00

    If you would like to discuss the tariff with one or our licensing officers before providing your comments, please come along to our drop-in session at the District Community Centre, Didcot.


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