Garsington Neighbourhood Plan: Consultation on Significant Modifications

Closed 27 Mar 2024

Opened 14 Feb 2024


Garsington Parish Council submitted their draft neighbourhood plan to South Oxfordshire District Council in February 2023.

The examiner issued a Clarification Note, which set out initial comments on the submitted plan and areas where further clarification would be helpful. Garsington Parish Council provided an initial response to the examiner’s Clarification Note.

In response to the issues raised in the Clarification Note, Garsington Parish Council has undertaken further work. As a result of that work, it now proposes modifications to the Plan. These include a modification of the proposed Settlement Boundary and the replacement of the Local Gaps policy (GARS4) with a Settlement Identity policy. A list of all significant modifications can be found in the Schedule of Modifications. The independent examiner has advised that the significance of the Parish Council's proposed modifications to the Plan triggers the need for a further round of consultation.

The district council is therefore inviting comments on these significant modifications. This consultation will run from 14 February 2024 to 11.59pm on 27 March 2024. Please note that only comments relating to the modifications listed in the Schedule of Modifications will be considered.

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Personal data

All personal data will be held securely by the council and examiner in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Comments submitted by individuals will be published on our website alongside their name. No other contact details will be published. Comments submitted by businesses, organisations or agents will be published in full, excluding identifying information of any individual employees. Further information on how we store personal data is provided in our privacy policy.

Part C is for monitoring purposes only and all questions are optional. The information provided in this section will not be linked to your submission, shared with the independent examiner or outside the council, nor will it be published as part of the consultation results.

If you are happy for the councils to use your personal data and any special category data (equality questions) that you choose to provide for this consultation, please click the link in the box below to provide your response. 


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